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Assistant | 020 7630 4885

Adeleh holds a PhD in planning and urban design and an MPlan in Town and Regional Planning, both from the University of Liverpool. Her PhD thesis concentrated on the planning processes of England and Germany and how urban design is being handled within these processes. As part of her PhD course she attended national and international conferences, seminars and workshops and she was also active as a demonstrator for different modules such as environmental sustainability at the department of Planning and Geography, University of Liverpool. In addition her master dissertation focused on the traditional Chinese ideology of ‘Feng shui’ and how to translate it into the urban landscape. Her chosen speciality for master programme was urban regeneration and urban design. Adeleh is interested in the psychology, context and experience of a place or an urban fabric and how different components of planning environment come together in order to shape a place. At Citydesigner, Adeleh conducts baseline research for new schemes and works on the preparation of reports using graphic desktop publishing tools. 

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