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The approach of Citydesigner is founded on principles of design excellence and the knowledge that society can benefit from its achievement in the built historic environment.

A true synthesis of design through artistic skill and architectural and historical analysis is of benefit not solely to users of a building, but also to those who experience it within its urban setting. Inspiration for new design and the creative process engages a spiritual energy as well as a long line of historical and contemporary influences, through the classical and gothic; the work of Ruskin, Morris, Sullivan, Steiner; through the ideas which informed The Bauhaus and contemporary designers of today. In our view the idea that "first we build buildings, then they build us" (Churchill) remains true.

The belief that architectural integrity and visual harmony can be supportive of human integrity and the wider harmony of society is reflected in our argument that less good historic buildings should yield to contemporary replacements of high quality rather than become simply a thin shield of facadism disguising the true nature of our urban environment.

Advice and guidance from Citydesigner enables those engaged in redeveloping sites or making alterations to listed or other protected buildings to understand the issues involved, particularly the need to preserve important aspects of the character of the urban environment, while seeking to enhance it with new and sensitive design. The consultancy has an expert understanding of planning policy relating to proposals that affect World Heritage Sites, Royal Parks, sensitive and strategic views, listed buildings and conservation areas and has been commissioned to provide independent assessment and advice in over 600 schemes across the United Kingdom, both large and small, where these issues are important.