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East India Dock Road

Tower Hamlets, London

Barratt Homes Ltd.

CZWG Architects

The project at East India Dock Road in East London was commissioned by Barratt Homes Ltd. in 2006. Designed by CZWG architects it consists of a cluster of several towers ranging from 8 to 36 stories, with a ‘high-density’ mix of residential and commercial uses arranged around a linear public space. The design was inspired by the linearity of the historic dock and the surviving, somewhat isolated but listed dock wall to its east.

The consultancy conducted research on the historic context of the site and the listed dock wall and offered advice on the design development. It also produced, as part of an EIA, a Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment report which presented an analysis of the baseline conditions, design critique of the proposals and the results of the impact assessments carried out using accurate visual representations (AVRs) produced by a specialist studio. The scheme was granted planning approval in 2008.

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