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Finsbury square

Islington, London

Scottish Widows

Eric Parry Architects

The consultancy advised on the appointment of an architect of pre-eminent design skill to achieve the quality necessary to enable full redevelopment of a site occupied by a locally listed Edwardian building, rather than façade retention. Eric Parry Architects’ solution comprises an external stone structure which provides the only support for the building other than its central core. This is revolutionary in modern times. Separating the solid stone from the glazed envelope frees the architectural composition from the commercial planning grid means that the occupants of the building enjoy the visual warmth and reassuring substance of the stone from their offices. The depth of detail and kinetic effect as one moves past, provides a similar architectural richness as ones gets from the heavily articulated Victorian Baroque structures on the north side of the square. The consultancy worked along-side the architects and provided townscape analysis in support of the planning application. The building came second in the 2005 Stirling Prize.

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