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Kensington Park Hotel

Kensignton & Chelsea, London

Candy & Candy

David Chipperfield Architects

The consultancy was commissioned by Candy & Candy to collaborate with David Chipperfield Architects in the design process and preparation of a planning application for their development proposals at the Kensington Palace Hotel and Kensington Park Hotel, De Vere Gardens, West London. The two hotel buildings consist of two Victorian terraces, within a conservation area and terminate with an elevation facing Kensington Palace Gardens. They are made up of varying architectural merit and historic interest. The consultancy carried out historic research to clarify the extent to which their historic integrity had been compromised by piecemeal refurbishments. The findings guided the architects to design a new building that would address the park with an outstanding piece of architecture and complement the remaining group, while undertaking restoration, refurbishment and sensitive additions to the existing, good quality, buildings within the group.

The consultancy provided advocacy for the project with major stakeholders such as English Heritage and Royal Parks as well as the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. In the latter case, Richard Coleman presented the scheme to the planning committee on behalf of David Chipperfield who then answered the members’ questions.

The consultancy also produced, as part of an EIA, a Townscape & Visual Impact Assessment report which assessed in detail the impact of the proposal on local heritage receptors and townscape. The scheme received planning approval in 2007.

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