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London View Management Framework


Mayor of London

Richard Coleman Citydesigner, working with Miller Hare, was commissioned to produce the first draft of the above SPG on behalf of the Mayor’s office in 2004-05. The process included working with a GLA steering group on the interpretation and development of policy in the London Plan into detailed SPG guidance, as well as research into the process of decision making that culminated in the existing policy. Thereafter the consultancy carried out fieldwork which identified viewing places and important views towards London’s principal landmarks, and townscape assessment of the quality of these views.

The consultancy led on the process of developing the appropriate planning tools for the management of those views, at a time when economic development is encouraging a changing skyline across London which has implications for the interpretation of the city as a historic settlement. The consultancy wrote and edited the draft SPG and led the consultation on it with stakeholders, including local authorities, English Heritage, the Royal Parks, the London World Heritage Sites’ respective steering groups.

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