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Sedley Place

Westminster, London

Corporation of London

Fletcher Priest

Sedley Place was built in the 1880s. It consisted of a dog-legged passageway from Oxford Street into Woodstock Street, dividing the properties into narrow retail kiosks with chambers above. While charming from a historical point of view, they commanded poor rents in a central location, while the passageway was uninviting and sometimes dangerous.

The consultancy developed the urban design approach with architects Fletcher Priest, which was to re-provide the historic route further to the east and create, to the west, a sizable store facing onto Oxford Street. The route was to be animated with small kiosks and the Oxford Street façade was to emulate historic plot sizes. The store was on multiple levels giving rise to the problem of unfenestrated facades. This problem was turned into a virtue by using thin veneers of marble trapped between glass - opaque but allowing light through. This has been exploited at night, since its completion, with a coloured light display.

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